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Torch Fat with 32 Killer Cardio Workouts for Home or Gym 

Cardio exercises are an essential component of any fitness routine. When performed consistently, they provide numerous health benefits and improve cardiovascular fitness. Below, you’ll find cardio workouts for losing weight, stamina, and overall fitness. These workouts are for everyone – from beginner to advanced. Even seniors. Prefer working out at home? Or the gym? You’ll…

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10 Surprising (And Remarkable)Things You Didn’t Know About Garlic 

Garlic, that pungent provocateur, is renowned for elevating cuisine to dizzying heights of deliciousness while also ensuring any vampires in the vicinity keep their distance (and that your significant other does the same). But there’s much more to this pungent bulb – called the “stinking rose” – than meets the nose. Here are 10 astonishing…

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Struggling to Eat a Balanced Diet? (A Multivitamin Is Your Safety Net)

Although I’m a senior citizen, I have the energy and vitality of a young adult. I’ve never had the flu or COVID-19, nor have I had a cold in more than 20years. My secret? A clean, nutrient-dense diet paired with a careful regimen of quality nutritional supplements. For example, each morning I start my day…

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Don’t Believe It! Milk Does NOT Do A Body Good

If you’re like me, you probably remember the 1980s TV commercial – Milk: It Does A Body Good. It was launched by the National Dairy Board to promote dairy milk as the key to strong bones, healthy joints, and an attractive body. Then in the 1990s, we saw the Got Milk? commercials touted by mustachioed…

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Discover How Alkaline Eating Promotes Health and Longevity

When Australian business mogul Elle Macpherson turned 54, she noticed changes in her body that she didn’t like. Ellie told New Beauty magazine that she began to feel lethargic, less energetic, and wasn’t sleeping well. She had also put on weight around her waist and hips. This was hard to accept for a woman once…

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Protein Does A Body Good (But How Much Should You Be Eating?)

Protein is one of the body’s fundamental building blocks, but do you truly understand the ins and outs of this critical nutrient? Thousands of different proteins comprise your body including enzymes, antibodies, messengers, transporters, and structural components. They do a body good performing a vast array of functions like DNA synthesis, oxygen transport, tissue structure,…

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8 Revolutionary, Drug-Free Therapies That Eliminate Arthritis and Joint Pain

John’s once powerful legs that used to cover miles with ease when running marathons, now ached with every step. The pain from his swollen arthritic knees was severe and persistent. Just the simple act of climbing stairs had turned into a feat of endurance. But John does not suffer alone. He is among the more…

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Discover Red Light Therapy’s Miraculous Healing Power

Plagued by nagging shoulder pain that anti-inflammatories couldn’t help, Andrew, an avid weightlifter, tried red light therapy out of desperation. After just two weeks of red light treatment, Andrew’s shoulder felt dramatically better with full mobility restored. He soon went on to smash his personal bench press record. Monica, a stay-at-home mom, struggled for years…

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Laughter is the best medicine.

The Perfect Medicine for Stress in These Troubling Times. . . Best of All, It’s Free with No Side Effects

It’s no secret. We live in troubling times. No wonder stress, anxiety, and depression are at all-time highs. But there is a simple and highly effective way to diffuse stress  . . . while also putting us in a good mood . . . and even activating our immune system. What is it? Laughter. Yup.…

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