BEST EXERCISES FOR SENIORS & beginners- Cardio – Strength Training – Balance – Core – Chair Workout

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Are you looking for the best exercise program for beginners and seniors? You found it. Curtis uses his 15+ years of experience to strategically craft every beginner and senior workout to maximize your results and increase your energy, strength, endurance, mobility, and balance. Join Curtis Adams, host of national senior exercise television series A New Way 2 Move, for this exciting beginner and senior exercise program.
Aerobic exercise for seniors & beginners + weight training for seniors

Core exercises for seniors & beginners + cardio for seniors

Cardio exercises for seniors & beginners + help losing weight

Cardio blast with a fat-burning workout for seniors & beginners

Resistance band + strength training for older adults & beginners

Hand weight exercises for seniors & beginners + calorie-burning

Resistance band exercises for seniors & beginners + core training

Dynamic cardio best exercise videos for seniors & beginners

Senior exercise system for seniors & beginners

Request Curtis Adams for senior & beginners seminars

Quick ab exercise tip for seniors & beginners

This program is not like any other beginner and senior workout you have tried. It is exciting and the exercises are fun to do. It is not too difficult or too gentle and it is easy to follow. It is perfect for active seniors and beginners. Every exercise in this senior & beginner's fitness program was strategically created to get maximum results. Regain your youthful ENERGY, STRENGTH, STAMINA, BALANCE with this beginner & senior workout routine. This senior exercise routine is demonstrated both standing and seated in a chair giving you the option to choose to which works best for you and allows you to go at your own pace.

• Every workout includes balance exercise for beginner & seniors and stretching exercise for seniors
• Core targeting to help REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE and strengthen your back and abs
• Great low impact workouts which are the perfect pace for beginners & seniors but still CHALLENGING and EFFECTIVE
• These exercises are SO MUCH FUN not slow and repetitive like many other exercise videos for beginners & seniors
• Invigorating beginner & senior exercise program with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS that you will enjoy for years. Great workout for beginners.
• Burn calories, lose weight, and have energy throughout the day- FEEL GOOD AGAIN with beginner & senior exercise
• Best chair exercises for seniors and beginners and exercises for beginners & seniors to do at home

Health Benefits of exercise include:
• Regaining energy and stamina
• Improving balance
• Stimulating muscle development
• Improving circulation
• Refining motor skills and coordination
• Restoring flexibility and improving range of motion.

This beginner & senior exercise video is appropriate for: beginner exercise, senior workout, older adults exercise, senior citizen workouts, boomers fitness, active elderly fitness. THIS WORKOUT IS PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: All exercises are demonstrated with a modified version allowing beginners to start off slow and keep getting stronger. This is a perfect exercise program if you don't want high impact or floor exercises.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN! You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


  • Ted Brumfitt

    Thank you for your amazing workouts Curtis!! (From Canada)

  • Maria Esquerre

    Love it ❤️ Very inspiring and fun !
    Thanks again Curtis !
    You are the BEST 👍🏼🌷

  • Alexandra Rojas

    Curtis this one was another great workout! Loved the strength and cardio combination. Thank you so much for your dedication and encouragement!! keep it up please!

  • Simonne Lauwers

    BELGIUM HERE : I love your workouts and enjoy them every time . This first time , without the annoying music . LOVE IT to concentrate only on your voice and your exciting entoesiasm. Keep on doing it this way . Simonne

  • Yvonne Larkin

    From England – I love this workout, thank you.


    Thank you young man, for thinking about us, for these videos. I had polio as a child and been having some challenges. I needed an exercise routine and I found it. I am enjoying and looking forward to working out more. It’s a little tense, but I am ready for this challenge. 65 Is going to look real good on me in March. HALLELUJAH.

    • Curtis Adams

      Awesome I am glad to hear you are ready for the challenge 😊 and I am so glad you found my videos.

  • Joanne Puglia

    Love your energy! I get so many good ideas for my exercise classes. Thank you!

  • Rosetta Galindo

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis two years ago at the age of 38. I was given prednisone and gained so much weight but it hurt to work out. My daughter found your videos and had me try them. Let me tell you I went from 215 pounds to 195 pounds. Yes it has taken a couple of years but your workouts have also helped me regain my balance, range of motion, and most important gave me my confidence back. Thank you for all that you do and for helping me realize my life didn’t stop at my diagnoses.

  • Don Harris

    Outstanding job motivating us. Great Low impact exercises.

  • gayle siegel

    Good workout! I did my first one today, and look forward to doing many more!

  • Neelam Narang

    Absolutely love this work out even tough I exercise daily to your regime. Thank you for being there for us seniors 👍

  • Jacqueline Brown-Hazard

    That was a workout!

  • M C Cinnamon

    I just discovered your seniors exercises!!! This one is my favorite! Thank you, Mr. Adam!

  • DianaLiff1

    I love your videos. They challenge me but I don’t feel like I’m doing things I shouldn’t do for my age and abilities. It’s just enough to push me to the next step.. Keep them coming!!

  • Linda Emrick

    Love the way you motivate people. So encouraging.

  • Madaliene Booth

    THAT was a WORKOUT!!! Thank you so much for these videos. I rotate and do a different one every day. You make it fun!

  • Shirlee Winborne

    I’m so thankful that I found you on YouTube. I love the mixture of your workouts and the consideration you take in for seniors. Amazing! Challenge with mercy.

  • Sherrie Rodriguez

    Thank you, I enjoy your workouts thoroughly, I’m not a senior yet, I love the senior community and their vibe. I was injured and your workouts are helping me recover correctly, thank you.

  • Linda Buckins

    Curtis, you are a blessing to those of us who can’t get out to exercise. Thank you!!!

  • Mary Vigliotta

    I sooooo loved this workout. Got sick and tired of doing the same old same old, and I was so lucky to find this on you tube. I will be watching you always. Thank you…