Senior resistance band exercises with balance and Wellness & Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated. Heart health, senior citizens, older adults, workout program, fitness plan, exercises, seated exercises, low impact, aerobic, physical training, wellness, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, rehabilitation, arthritis, weight loss.


  • Bia Monteiro

    Great video! Curtis is great!!!

  • Paul Eugene

    Great Workout. Love Your Energy, Excellent Instructor

  • Doreen Dunlevy

    Love your energy, I use these exercises wth my seniors at the YMCA

  • Marion Van Rest

    Thanks for the video. Got some great ideas for my senior classes. Hope I can be as enthusiastic as you!!!

  • Paul B

    I’m so glad I found you, these excercise are helping me feel great! Well explained, and demonstrated.

  • Jerry Lee

    hahah grandma’s are killing it 🙂

  • margo hill

    I just looked at this program on TV for the first time and loved it. I just ordered the DVD. this is something I know I will stick to. thank you👍

  • Linda King

    these exercises have been wonderful for people who have lower back or knee issues you can do to tolerance either standing or sitting they have really improved my strength and my balance and I’m so glad that I found these

  • Joanne Puglia

    Your awesome! I have been teaching senior fitness for 9 years. There is always something new to learn!
    Thank you !

    • Curtis Adams

      Thanks Joanne, Please let your class know about my TV show A New Way 2 Move on JLTV and RLTV both National Networks

  • Joanne Puglia

    Curtis, I will! How long have you been on National TV?

  • Linda Langeheine

    I love to be encouraged and smiled at while exercising!

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you Linda. You can watch my tv show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV. Thanks!

  • Mary Shammas

    Thanks so much Curtis! So glad I found you just googling around. I was looking for some new material and fresh ideas for the classes I teach in my community senior centers. Your routines are just perfect for their age group & they love your moves!

    • Curtis Adams

      Thanks Mary! Im so excitied that your class enjoyed the exercises.. Please let your class know about my TV show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV. Have a great class!

  • Debbie Otto

    Omg! That’s Ruth my predecessor and mentor! So excited to see her! And l love your exercises! Will use some in my senior classes. I always love to learn and appreciate new ideas!!!💜💜💜

    • Curtis Adams

      Thanks Debbie. Ruth did a great job. Please tell your class about the tv show called A New Way 2 Move on JLTV and RLTV.

    • Debbie Otto

      One of my students told me about you! I’ll pass on the news to the rest of the class! They all need to keep moving! One day I might get brave and make some videos.

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you! Have a great class!

  • Chantal Ding Roschy


  • Gina Davis

    Thank you Curtis for your videos. This is the first one I have tried. I have watched many of them to determine where to start. I needed to start to develop strength and this was what I was looking for. I did not realize I was so…muscleless – (not even sure if that is a word) This workout was a workout. I have much work to do and this will help. I am happy to find something I can do that is not discouraging. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!

  • Veronica Garcia-Hayes

    Love you and your videos! Keep them coming!

  • Decrepit Chef

    great exercises

  • Shahnaz Barhamand

    Great channel i subbed my mom

  • Emilia Kobina

    Love it

  • TallBob1962

    Wow, great instructor. Happy, positive and encouraging. You make the world a better place, keep it up!