30 Min Senior Workout Routines – Standing & Seated Chair Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, Older People


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  • Alexandria Rojas

    Thanks for workouts like these. Where did you get the weights you used? I like the shape.

    • HASfit

      We’ve had these dumbbells for years. I looked for them online for you, but couldn’t find them! Sorry about that. Thank you for your support!

    • Alexandria Rojas

      Bummer! Thanks for checking. I appreciate it!

    • tchuvclass

      may not be appealing to some, but look at second hand stores… IĀ see dumbbells, ankle weights and the like all the time. they can be sanitized and work perfectly fine.

  • HASfit

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  • Randall Greynolds

    the variety of exercises is amazing you guys exceed what i coud hope for im actually down to 207 lbs the lowest ive been in years so getting there little by little thanks coach for everything

    • HASfit

      That’s incredible Randall! Keep up the hard work and we can’t wait to hear about you crushing your goals.

    • Randall Greynolds

      appreciate it your motivation in your videos is what makes HasFit the best workout site on youtube look forward to sharing it buddy

  • mrhalf94

    Hi, I work for a promotional company. If you’re interested in growing your channel email us at etmarketing01@gmail.com

  • maria ramirez

    glad i found this . i have diabetes and have been working out,my back is hurting so i can’t work out as usual so this is great! exercise is great for blood sugar !

    • HASfit

      Maria, thank you so much for working out with us. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you at your next workout. šŸ™‚

  • Cathy Godfrey

    Great workout loved it!!

  • Michelle Phillips

    Hard for me but glad I did it! will be back.

  • Lourdu FRANCIS

    Coach Cusack and Claudia – BIG THANK YOU to you both for this for uninitiated like me.
    I did regularly for yr2017 Week10(6 days) and yr2017 Week11(6 days) – I feel better! wow! I promise to continue with consistency and more intense workouts from HASFit in coming days. Thanks again.

  • Thaleia Gkika

    Hi, Im 28 yeas old so I suppose I should do something harder but yet this is challenging for me. Am I getting any “real” excercise or just lying to myfelf?

    • HASfit

      Everyone has to start somewhere. If this is a challenge for you, do it until you’re ready to progress to one of our harder routines.