30 Min Senior Workout Routines – Standing & Seated Chair Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, Older People

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  • Alexandria Rojas

    Thanks for workouts like these. Where did you get the weights you used? I like the shape.

    • HASfit

      We’ve had these dumbbells for years. I looked for them online for you, but couldn’t find them! Sorry about that. Thank you for your support!

    • Alexandria Rojas

      Bummer! Thanks for checking. I appreciate it!

    • tchuvclass

      may not be appealing to some, but look at second hand stores… I see dumbbells, ankle weights and the like all the time. they can be sanitized and work perfectly fine.

  • HASfit

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  • Randall Greynolds

    the variety of exercises is amazing you guys exceed what i coud hope for im actually down to 207 lbs the lowest ive been in years so getting there little by little thanks coach for everything

    • HASfit

      That’s incredible Randall! Keep up the hard work and we can’t wait to hear about you crushing your goals.

    • Randall Greynolds

      appreciate it your motivation in your videos is what makes HasFit the best workout site on youtube look forward to sharing it buddy

  • mrhalf94

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  • maria ramirez

    glad i found this . i have diabetes and have been working out,my back is hurting so i can’t work out as usual so this is great! exercise is great for blood sugar !

    • HASfit

      Maria, thank you so much for working out with us. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you at your next workout. 🙂

  • Cathy Godfrey

    Great workout loved it!!

  • Michelle Phillips

    Hard for me but glad I did it! will be back.

  • Lourdu FRANCIS

    Coach Cusack and Claudia – BIG THANK YOU to you both for this for uninitiated like me.
    I did regularly for yr2017 Week10(6 days) and yr2017 Week11(6 days) – I feel better! wow! I promise to continue with consistency and more intense workouts from HASFit in coming days. Thanks again.

  • Thaleia Gkika

    Hi, Im 28 yeas old so I suppose I should do something harder but yet this is challenging for me. Am I getting any “real” excercise or just lying to myfelf?

    • HASfit

      Everyone has to start somewhere. If this is a challenge for you, do it until you’re ready to progress to one of our harder routines.