5 Core Exercises for Men Over 60 : Senior Fitness

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One great core exercise for men over 60 is the “dying cockroach.” Learn about five core exercises for men over 60 with help from one of New York’s hottest fitness experts in this free video clip.

Expert: Jacques Laventure
Filmmaker: Nicholas Wilson

Series Description: Fitness is always important but is especially so as you get older. Learn about the ins and outs of senior fitness with help from one of New York’s hottest fitness experts in this free video series.


  • Bailey

    Hope I look that good when I’m 60!

  • Michael Richwine

    I’m 68, and I just do barbell squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, and chinups.  I think they do me a lot more good than what you are suggesting.  You can start as light as you need to, keep perfect form, and add weight slowly. Squats and deadlifts provide all the ab work I need. I stretch thoroughly after each workout.

    • noobi core

      Right on !

    • George Hopper

      This video may help some coming back from back injuries, not for everybody. I am putting up with some lower left back pain for the last 6 years. Just now trying to do something about it. My bad!

  • E D

    works for over 75 too!

  • Mickey Shanahan

    First, I think it’s funny that some people think you’re presenting this as the only exercises a guy should do. I’d like to see you do a series of these videos for guys over 60. You have a great, relaxed delivery which I think helps as the worst habit I have as I age is trying to go too aggressively after exercise.

  • Howie Loso

    My PC assistant Lia (35) thinks your really “Fine” !

  • TheJojovani

    if i trained a 60 year old with sedentary life style that side plank would dislocate my clients shoulders

  • Steelhorsecowboy

    Thanks, I appreciate that.

  • driverain2

    Pure eye candy…. and excellent video…I totally agree with Mickey Shanahan below. You are easy going and a natural at this. Have your own u tube channel ?

  • driverain2

    Spoke too soon ………I found your u tube….excellent !!!

  • SexyMsBJ Hott Girl

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  • EmperorGluteusMaximus

    As a >60 man myself, chances are good you’ll be doing some farting with those knee lifts!

  • zpoedog

    Thanks for this video. At 78 gravity is taking it toll on my body. Have to do something and this is a can do.

  • Mack Lack

    Dude, we are 60 not 90…

  • B Remlap

    Its great that you can show us older guys how to stay fit, but I’d like to see an older guy show us these exercise to be more convincing.

  • George Hopper

    Thanks sir for the video! Was looking for something simple. My core is shot! Fighting my way back from blood cancer (AML). God Bless!

  • Dennis Smith

    here’s severaI things for senior exercises
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  • Kurt Olson

    I’m 60 and those were good exercises that I can do. I’ve looked at other YouTube video’s and they had difficult exercise that they said were for men over 60. Yeah if the person has been diligently lifting weights for years. Thanks!

  • Kevin Cassidy

    It is so wonderful to get some solid information in a direct, quick, and accessible format. Others presenting onYouTube could learn from watching you.

  • Stacie Maddaleno

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