Cardio Exercises for Seniors by Curtis Adams & Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated. Heart health, senior citizens, older adults, workout program, fitness plan, exercises, seated exercises, low impact, aerobic, physical training, wellness, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, rehabilitation, arthritis, weight loss.


  • goldengirljrb143

    Something light that me and my senior Mom can do together.

  • iseefurtherO

    keep up curtis, with the excellent work =))
    Good charisma!!!

  • Musashi Musashi

    Hi Mr. Curtis, is this work for fat loss?

  • Amanda C.

    Great work y’all! The woman in this video has given me zero excuses not to exercise. This goes to show that no matter what your age or physical condition is, you still have options. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Ms. Jae

    Thank you so much – I felt so much better afterwards – keep up the great videos for  Seniors!

  • 1cakesz

    Excellent video! I’m a personal trainer and I referred my clients to this video to do for her cardio homework

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you for referring your clients to my video. So cool! They can also watch the TV show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks.

  • Michelle Sweetland

    Thank you I have some health issues and this is perfect for me!!!

    • Curtis Adams

      I’m happy that I could help. You could also watch my TV Show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks. Thank you!

  • verb8timgirl

    Curtis, looking for inspiration for my senior classes. This is great! Thanks!

    • Curtis Adams

      I”m glad that I could be a help. Please let your seniors know about my tv show called A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks. Have a Great Class!

    • Michelle'MYKEL' House

      verb8timgirl sublime comments 🐾

  • kelly farris

    Good job!

  • Gina Davis

    I have been looking for Band Exercises that I can begin with, for my fitness level. I am not a senior citizen, but when I saw the modified jumping jack, I was like yes, I can do this. I am heavy chested and “thick.” I can’t do jumping jacks. I can’t get on my knees and get back up. I have watched the videos and I am encouraged. I can do this!!! You have modified exercises. Thank you. Finally!!!!

    • Curtis Adams

      Im glad you found me Gina. Actually the exercise program is for everyone. I get so many people that say im not a senior but i love your exercise program. Watch my TV Show A New Way 2 on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks. Thank You!

    • Gina Davis

      Curtis Adams I don’t know if I have access since I’m not in the USA. But I’ll look to see if I can Apple TV find it.

    • Curtis Adams

      Ok. I have more videos on youtube. You got this!

  • Ilovelosangeles

    This video is great, Curtis, and it fits my level right now because of an injury to my right leg. I showed this to my doctor, and he approved it for me, said it’s a great video to use.
    Thank you for posting this, and your personality is wonderful, too.

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you! I also thank your Dr for approval. You can see me on National TV on RLTV and JLTV. Watch A New Way 2 Move

  • Jan Holman

    Just finishing up cardiac rehab classes.  Must continue exercising on my own and just viewed this video.  Will use your videos to get stronger and healthier.  They want me to joint a gym or buy an expensive piece of gym equipment which is not possible.  Will use YouTube & your videos here on out!  Thanks.

  • Michelle'MYKEL' House