Cardio & Weight Training Exercises for Seniors by Curtis Adams & Curtis Adams takes seniors through an exciting cardio and weight training workout. Fitness program is done standing and seated. Heart health, senior citizens, older adults, workout program, fitness plan, exercises, seated exercises, low impact, aerobic, physical training, wellness, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, rehabilitation, arthritis, weight loss.


  • Drew Cost

    How did you get started with this Curtis? This is great!

    • Jill Adams

      Hello Drew, I am glad you enjoyed the exercises. I always had a passion to help bring a healthy lifestyle to as many people as I could. Seniors really needed the most help because there were limited resources available to them. You can see my full story at Enjoy!

  • Miss Bora 65

    I’m really enjoying your videos but wondered if you could show us oldies how to warm up then cool down please