Gentle Yoga for Seniors : Yoga Practice

One great style of Yoga that seniors can practice is called gentle Yoga. Learn about gentle Yoga for seniors with help from an experienced Yoga professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Sarah Helt
Bio: Sarah Elizabeth Helt is a native Iowan, and is currently teaching at Yoga Loft Chicago as well as a variety of other Chicago Studios.
Filmmaker: Kyle Niemer

Series Description: Yoga is something that requires a lot of practice that will more than pay off in the long run. Get tips on furthering your Yoga abilities through practice and dedication with help from an experienced Yoga professional in this free video series.


  • Barb Parcells

    If this is supposed to be for seniors, you might want to deal with the idea that not all of us can get down on our knees. I have deterioration in my right knee and it is painful to get down on it.

  • HeartFeltMusic

    Most seniors cannot do these. Instructor needs to work in a physical capacity with seniors- over 60. That’ll provide experience needed prior to going into full yoga. Many seniors have arthritis in the knees. Child’s pose might work but it takes ‘prepping’. Dolng the angry/relax cat routines 15 reps or so helps ‘warm up’ the back prior to child’s pose.

  • Margaret Wright

    Poor presentations for seniors or newbies – especially for those who have never done yoga before.  Way too fast and no explanation included.  Not useful for seniors.

  • Susie Ryman

    I was very happy with this intro. and every day I feel that I am limbering up and I am 61 so thank you!

  • Jacinta Benson

    I’m 42 and found it too advanced for me.  I have been doing yoga my entire life and have had my capacity reduced by illness.  I’m glad to see the other comments because this clip could set people up for a sense a failure rather than an enjoyment of yoga and the wonderful health benefits it can bring. 

  • Linda Aker

    Awesome!! At 58, I have not exercised for over 10 years.  This looks perfect for limbering me up to prepare for more a advanced level.

  • Christine Theberge

    The advertisement before the video started was for a horror film.  Not very conducive for yoga practice or for most seniors, I would say…. Please edit. Thank you.

  • A Sare

    Obviously this girl has no clue about older people. Most of us can’t bend our knees very far.

    She doesn’t know what she’s doing because she doesn’t know any older people

  • prhiannon

    I have to agree, the average person over 60 is going to find this not very gentle and way too fast.

  • patriotsongs

    I’m 70 and can do all of this routine. Not all seniors are arthritic or in poor health, and many of us want these stretches. There are many chair yoga videos available for those who have limited movement, knee problems, etc. Instead of complaining about this video, why not find one that suits you? You might find that eventually this one will be within your reach.

    Keep in mind that this is a demonstration. She tells you during the routine to do as much as you can, and mentions lengths of time that are not shown in the video. In other words, use your “pause” button to learn the poses and gently do as much as you can, never pushing your body beyond what it can do. “No pain no gain” has no place in yoga.

  • Annie Young

    The moves in this video are indeed gentle but the transition between poses is much too fast. The instructor asks for at least 5 breaths but doesn’t give time for them. I am definitely looking for another that would be slower moving and longer in duration.

  • tdeecy

    She’s demonstrating the goal. If you can’t determine your particular limits and adjust your exercises accordingly maybe you’re not ready for yoga.

  • Lindsey Pasley

    As a yoga teacher, I find videos like this to be really helpful because they give me reminders of what’s suitable for different age groups/ mobility ranges. It may not be easy to follow for those who have never done yoga, but it IS a demonstration and it serves more than one purpose. Thanks for the post.

  • SuburbanDon

    I’m disappointed. This video doesn’t make it look easy or fun enough.

  • Janae

    dang the knees tho

  • stephen pierpoint

    This video says it’s for seniors? Most seniors can’t even do the very first pose.

  • Merrydew Sweetblossom

    The pain that first pose or any pose involving getting on the knees or floor, is just not going to happen. this is for young people.

  • Lisa Feisthome

    Thank you for caring for the elder❣?❣