Core Workout Program (Seated Exercises) for Seniors by Curtis Adams & Curtis Adams takes senior citizens through an low impact core workout routine. This fitness program is seated. Back pain, senior citizens, older adults, workout program, fitness plan, exercises, seated exercises, low impact, aerobic, physical training, wellness, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease, rehabilitation, arthritis, weight loss.


  • Nicole Lee - Health, Beauty and more

    Did you have a boy child put up for adoption who is now about 18? You resemble my nephew, Joshua who lives in WA but used to live in CA

  • Curtis Adams

    No I do not Nicole Lee.Thanks for watching!

  • iseefurtherO

    I love all your senior exercise videos!! ..upload more videos please =)) i could totally see you become a youtube guru star

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you iseefurther0 for your kind words! Make sure you watch A New Way 2 move on JLTV Friday Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • arty crafter

    Very impressed with your exercise program. The strap that you are using, what is it?

    • Curtis Adams

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I”m using a resistance Band or another name for it is a Thera Band. Thank you!

  • NoirFan01

    Thanks for posting

  • asunnydayinthesouth

    Curtis, how do I get the core video

    • Curtis Adams

      You can get the DVD simply seated or vitality they both have core exercises in them. visit Thank you!

  • Elaine Brown-Smalls

    I love everyone of you videos.  Unfortunately I don’t have the channel to see your show, but I’m thankful for youtube.


    thank you! there;s a huge need for this. i shared your program with my parents who are in their late 70s.

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you so much Jennifer. She can watch my TV show called A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks Friday Saturday and Sunday mornings. Thank you!

  • Ed Crow Feather

    where did you order your bands??

  • Vicki Souder

    I teach senior fitness classes and have learned so much from your videos! Thank you!

    • Curtis Adams

      Thank you Vicki Souder. Please tell them about my exercise show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks. Thanks

  • Paulina Mansz

    Hey Curtis! I teach classes for seniors and your programs gave me lots of inspiration and creative ideas! Thanks!

    • Curtis Adams

      Thats great Paulina! Please let your class know about my TV show A New Way 2 Move on JLTV and RLTV both National Networks. Have a great class!

  • Jeannie Jones

    Super workout for my mom and dad 87. Thank you!

    • Curtis Adams

      Your Welcome Jeannie! Please tell your mom about the TV show A New Way 2 Move on RLTV and JLTV both National Networks 55+