Senior fitness: STRENGTH TRAINING + CARDIO+ CORE exercises for seniors + Balance workout for seniors

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In this senior workout video, Curtis completes a full 20-minute workout including: Warm up, strength training, cardio, core, balance, and stretching.

Are you looking for the best exercise program for seniors? You found it. Curtis uses his 15+ years of experience to strategically craft every senior workout to maximize your results and increase your energy, strength, endurance, mobility and balance. Join Curtis Adams, host of national senior exercise television series A New Way 2 Move, for this exciting senior exercise program.

Aerobic exercise for seniors + weight training for seniors

Core exercises for seniors + cardio for seniors

Cardio exercises for seniors + help losing weight

Cardio blast with fat burning workout for seniors

Resistance band + strength training for older adults

Hand weight exercises for seniors + calorie burning

Resistance band exercises for seniors + core training

Dynamic cardio best exercise videos for seniors

Senior exercise system for seniors

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Quick ab exercise tip for seniors

This program is not like any other senior workout you have tried. It is exciting and the exercises are fun to do. It is not too difficult or too gentle and it is easy to follow. It is perfect for active seniors and beginners. Every exercise in this senior fitness program was strategically created to get maximum results. Regain your youthful ENERGY, STRENGTH, STAMINA, BALANCE with this senior workout routine. This senior exercise routine is demonstrated both standing and seated in a chair giving you the option to choose to which works best for you and allows you to go at your own pace.

• Every workout includes balance exercise for seniors and stretching exercise for seniors
• Core targeting to help REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE and strengthen your back and abs
• Great low impact workouts which are the perfect pace for seniors but still CHALLENGING and EFFECTIVE
• These exercises are SO MUCH FUN not slow and repetitive like many other exercise videos for seniors
• Invigorating senior exercise program with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS that you will enjoy for years. Great workout for beginners.
• Burn calories, lose weight, and have energy throughout the day- FEEL GOOD AGAIN with senior exercise
• Best chair exercises for seniors and exercises for seniors to do at home

Health Benefits of exercise include:
• Regaining energy and stamina
• Improving balance
• Stimulating muscle development
• Improving circulation
• Refining motor skills and coordination
• Restoring flexibility and improving range of motion.

This senior exercise video is appropriate for: beginner exercise, senior workout, older adults exercise, senior citizen workouts, boomers fitness, active elderly fitness. THIS WORKOUT IS PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: All exercises are demonstrated with a modified version allowing beginners to start off slow and keep getting stronger. This is a perfect exercise program if you don't want high impact or floor exercises.
IMPORTANT NOTICE- CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN! You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


  • MissChatterbox

    Thank you Curtis. Wonderful

  • Eltsu 80

    I love your workout and admire those lovely lady 🙂 . I am half below her’s age, and worst condtion!

  • MissChatterbox

    I hope we will see more of these full workouts. I feel inspired by the ladies working out with you. Thanks again. Love this

  • Cheryl Seibel

    It was a good workout I feel great I’m starting insulin I want to kick diabetes in the butt 🤗

  • I Bowling

    Wow what an amazing workout! I am not a senior but am overweight and have not exercised for over a year due to a knee injury so this was great for trying to back into working out. Don’t let the chair or the fact that the workout is catered to seniors fool you. This kicked my butt. Respect to the seniors working out with you. New subie. Thanks so much for sharing and keep the workouts coming.👍🏾

    • Curtis Adams

      HI I Bowling, Thank you so much. The exercises were made for everyone but for TV we had to call it for Seniors and 55+

  • Cheryl Seibel

    Thank you for this workout I’m going up with insulin oh well at least I have good workouts with you 🤩

  • Shred Hate

    Thank you for helping seniors find a New Way to Move! A body in motion, stays in motion!

  • rem3266

    I just found you…I am a senior with a challenge. Thank you!

  • mary hodge

    I teach seniors and I use a lot of his exercises.

  • Teri Law

    Fantastic. Finally a workout for seniors that doesn’t treat them like they are already dead. Love you stuff!

  • Lillian Santiago

    I just found you and laughed doing exercises with you! Your exercises and frame of mind are excellent, and included a variety of exercise I needed because of beginning osteoporsis!

  • Marguerite Rathbone

    Bravo. Thank you for a great workout. Yoga didn’t do it for me. too slow, So I’m so glad i found you. PS In your Disclaimer i think you meant “medical” not “medial”. 🙂

  • Stronger Together Fitness

    I’ve been instructing for twenty years. Your content is wonderful. I think your one of the best instructors out there. Keep the great work up.

  • Christian Johnson

    You’re the best ! You give me so many ideas

    • Curtis Adams

      Thanks Christian! I try to create exercises that are not boring for beginners and active seniors.

  • robert Mauss

    Great workout. I feel stronger and worked into a great sweat!

  • ChildrenOfTheSunCP

    Hey Curtis! Just discovered you recently and love your program. You have inspired my 95 year old mother to join in every day! Thank you for your great energy, enthusiasm and excellent choice of routines. Many Blessings!!

  • sheetal marathe

    tried this today felt grear

  • CrankyOldButch Builds out 2018 Ford Transit

    Love your workouts Curtis! You’re helping regain muscle lost to Hep C treatment. 🥳❤️☮️

  • Douglas and Maria Lazo

    We love exercising with you, husband and wife together! Thank you and God bless you!

  • J Boehm

    My wife and I try and do one of your sessions everyday “WE LOVE THEM AND YOU”, Thanks!!!