Exercise for SENIORS & BEGINNERS: Quarantined? 30 min fitness workout at home Core, Cardio, Strength

Visit vitalityfl.com/free to access my entire video library FREE! This total body workout for seniors incorporates compound movements to give you an awesome core workout, cardio workout, and strength training workout in 30 minutes. Stay safe and healthy!



  • MissChatterbox

    So excited to try this one Curtis my workout for tomorrow. Thank you x

  • Movement Project PT

    Love your positive energy! Nice workout that is safe for seniors are rare to find. Keep it up!

  • Elizabeth Goodman Levy

    Outstanding workout routine! Your videos have helped me fully recover, gradually, from a total knee replacement surgery six months ago. As a yoga warrior and ex runner with a total of three joint replacements, I give you a 5-star rating for your knowledge, safety, high energy, and best all-around exercise video for anyone!! Thank you, Curtis–you rock!

  • Jill Carpenter

    Thank you my friend, hope your family is fine during this epidemic 😷🤗

  • Linda Whitfield

    Thank you for all you do for us 💗

  • Diane Negron

    I did this exercise today. I’m 65 and I confess that this exercise showed me that I’m a bit out of shape, but I loved it anyway. Although I’m a bit out of shape I kept up with you during the exercises. I will tune in again tomorrow. Practice makes perfect. Thank you.😊

  • amelia1able

    Thank you Curtis for this workout! I love it when I get an email that you have a workout for us. Your a wonderful knowledgeable instructor and I like that you had modifications for those who need it. No one is left out.

    • Curtis Adams

      Hi Amelia,
      Thanks for the message. I am glad you are getting the emails to notify you!

  • J Boehm

    Curtis, you’re the best, my wife and I close our exercise rings on our Apple watches in 30 min. with you! THANKS Jim & Telma

  • Michele Shepherd

    Love all your exercise sessions!

  • Ayla Lowman

    Curtis, you have inspired my mom (59 years old), who then inspired me (33) to get back in shape! Already losing some, your videos are great for beginners and seniors. I have to say, we’re ready for the next step up! Pleeeease make a new, slightly harder workout for us! Thank you again, for getting us back into shape during quarantine, and renewing our shared love for staying fit and healthy!

  • Kathy King

    Thanks for keeping me fit and sane!!

  • Rosemary Paladino

    Another great workout – thank you Curtis! Keeping me fit and sane during quarantine!

  • Dennis Malcom Armstrong

    thanks Curtis,been following your workouts since the start of the shutdown,and the improvement in my heath is amazing,was having pain in my back and groin,thats virtually gone now,my bloodpressures a lot lower in fact its back to normal,we are comming out of lockdown in Spain now but I’ll definately be carrying on these exercises,btw I’m 70 yrs old.Thanks agian and keep up the good work

  • Jenny Isberg

    I love all your workouts, but this one is my favorite! The exercises while sitting in a chair are awesome. I showed to my son and we do the workout together. Thanks very much.

  • april ximenes

    Love these videos!! I am also a SS instructor. I see you are in Florida!! My home town!! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • carol regoli

    Love his workouts they are so much fun and enjoyable would recommend to anyone who hates to workout

  • Jenna Weisman

    Love this routine! My grandpa and I did your videos everyday during quarantine, and now that I am back to work, he is still doing them daily with my grandmother. This video is one of his favorites. Thank you!! 🙂

  • Maria Esquerre

    So much fun !!!

  • Rosaura Rosa

    Thanks you so much Curtis!! :-]

  • Dena Gottlieb