10 Ways to Get Energized to Lose Weight After 60 (You Can Do This!)

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I wrote all of these cards myself, so, every word means so much to me personally!

Ok, now on to the show! 🙂

There are so many things that I love about the holidays – seeing my grandkids, giving presents and eating great food, just to name a few!

The last of these is, of course, a double-edged sword. It is wonderful to enjoy good food with the people we love, but, doing so can leave you feeling out of shape.

So, instead of waiting for January 1st to start taking care of your body, I’d like to give you some tips that you can start applying today. I hope that these 10 suggestions help you to enjoy all of that holiday goodness, guilt-free!

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Do you sometimes feel a little out of shape after the holiday season? What are you doing to do this year to make sure that you don’t experience “sugar shock” in January?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s have a chat!


  • Verena travels

    I do fantastically on OMAD, and am nearly back at the weight I was in my mid twenties. Food used to be what I used to make myself feel better. That has changed dramatically over the past 3 months, and I no longer overeat. One nutritious meal per day has changed my life, saves me money and cuts down on time spent planning, shopping, obsessing, preparing and washing up. There is such a massive difference between having to make 21 meals per week and making 7 per week.

  • V. 1954

    Cooking rather than eating out or ordering takeout makes a big difference. It doesn’t have to be fancy but you can whip up tasty foods and you can control what you’re eating and the portions. I also allow myself treats during the weekend. I love carbs and could eat a bagel everyday, but now I limit it to Sundays only. We should also have blood work to check for thyroid issues. It’s not serious, but sometimes as we age, our thyroids get sluggish.

  • Patricia Muir

    I agree “ loving your body” is such a powerful concept. When we love our body, we are more likely to respect and take actions to take care of our bodies. We appreciate that our bodies are miraculous in so many ways. It heals itself, it renews itself, and it carries us through our daily activities. I first heard this concept expressed when I attended a support group for recovery from breast cancer. It’s reasonable for us to be disappointed and think that our body has let us down. However, our bodies (and our minds) were actually miraculous in receiving treatment and helping us in our recovery.

  • My Craft Room

    Interesting video, i’ve definitely found it harder to diet successfully since the menopause 8 years ago. Hoping to get back on the diet after Christmas 🙂

  • GR Falt

    What helps me keep my weight down is planning my meals with the nutrients that my body needs to stay healthy.

  • Susan Kline

    “If it’s in your house, it’s in your mouth”. Stress is a hard one for me to control but I do meditation and music to help.

  • Martha

    Great topic, Important. I am an emotional eater, have learned that about myself. I am working on making healthy choices and am doing better. Thank you for sharing the information and inspiration.

  • Ivy Clara

    I am not overweight and mostly eat well as I am vegan.  I also workout 5 days a week.  I do overeat if I am upset, usually due to feeling pain.  I also get upset over hair loss due to alopecia areata.  I do not know how to control these feelings and they make me anxious and sad.  I eat to try to soothe these feelings and of course, it is not a long term solution.

  • Diane Greyson

    No evening snacking. A huge difference and I was completely surprised it was easy! After dinner, brush teeth and your mind is free to go on to other things. Lost 25 pounds in a year. It’s what finally worked for me after 60. Diane

  • trudy MG

    I really don’t worry about my weight any longer 🙂

  • Nan Abbott-Hourigan

    Loved this episode! ❤️

  • Janis Mayer

    I read Dr Fuhrman & Dr Greger’s books. They helped me tremendously to get my health & weight on track. I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for 7 months & I feel fantastic!

  • zarina johnston

    I am heavyer then I was at 30 but still not to bad ,, I am going away for the winter and hope to do alot more walking, that might help.Aways a good talk.

  • Robin L

    I think listening to your video’s can help energize me to change my habits. 🙂 You voice is very soothing and kind. I buy makeup and enjoy listening to makeup video’s as a distraction instead of food…lol This is a Good video Margaret. xoxo

  • Lelafaye Andrews

    Thank You so much I do feel connected with this group.

  • Lori Walter

    moving my body is my challenge in retirement. I eat well and am very healthy but have gained 20lbs in two years. I love to sleep so that isn’t a problem. This administration causes stress, so there’s that…

  • Marianne Sanders

    Beautiful words full of truth and facts that I find so stimulating. This one especially. Have written it out whilst listening and this will be placed on my kitchen window as a constant reminder and source of encouragement. Love it. Can I get some help on how to best use the Patreon forum for friendship and companienship please. Would love to meet and walk with you through our life by sharing and, giving and receiving as luck companionship right now. Thank you all. Marianne

  • Joni James

    Exercise is the most important element for me. Many people I know do nothing all day and complain about not being able to lose weight. Taking a brisk 1-2 mile walk every day is crucial. I work with lots of seniors, especially women, and none of them take daily walks and they drive to their volunteer shifts while they only live 3-4 blocks away. I’ve been a walker for about 20 years, and it does get addictive if you give it a chance. My body craves it if I didn’t do it for a few days. We really slow down if we’re not active.

  • marinemom03

    I love starting or ending my day with you! Could you do a video on how you start your day, through a typical day and how you end your day? Like your routine? Blessings through Christmas season!!

    • Sixty and Me

      Hi there – i will do a holiday video for sure and thank you you so much for your very kind words. Hope your Christmas is filled with love and happiness!

  • Sue Gilreath

    My husband has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and that has triggered so many emotions in me. I have been up and down and everything in between and I have been “grazing my way” through the days and evenings. I “logically” know that this is not the answer and it will not help either of us through this season, but try as I might I find myself munching on something (usually some kind of carb) constantly. Very frustrating. I have always been an “emotional” eater, but I certainly do not need added weight and more frustration because I know I am damaging my own health which certainly will NOT help me take care of my husband.

    • Sixty and Me

      Hi Sue sending you all the love in the world. Please take care of yourself. You are definitely not alone, but i know it must be quite distressing for you. Wishing you and your husband all the best, Margaret xx