Is it Time to Throw Out the Bathroom Scale? Losing Weight After 60

Let's talk about losing weight after 60 and staying fit at any age. For better or worse, most of us have become very familiar with our bathroom scale over the years.

But, today, I want to offer a somewhat controversial perspective… that when it comes to fitness over 50, it may be time to throw out our bathroom scale. What should we consider focusing on instead?


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Do you still care about your weight “number?” Or, has the concept of “fitness” broadened in scope as you have gotten a little older? Let’s have a chat!

Here is a link to the article that I mentioned today:

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  • Kathy Mason

    Great video. Great ideas to lose or maintain weight.

  • Marilyn Domin

    Weight loss has become a real challenge for me as I age. I am 66 years of age and try to stay active but feel it is an uphill battle. Over the years I have tried many diets but feel the real key is moderation with a treat now and then. Love your videos. Thank you.

  • Sue FitzGibbon

    A good reminder…moderation.

  • ThePattiw

    Good advice! The part I find hard is my appetite has remained the same but my metabolism hasnt. Extra physical activity makes me more hungry!! I am 62 and my mantra is “ at least I havn’t gained any weight !” 😀

    • liedyMc

      This is my problem, I have a great appetite even when I’m not well, I have had 2 surgeries on the same leg in the last 36 months I got pretty down the first surgery left me in more pain than before activity was difficult I gained 20lbs mission now to lose it before my 70 th I got 14 months .. you are lucky no weight gain .

  • Patricia Muir

    The sugar is my biggest challenge. Sugar is hidden in so many foods including so- called healthy canola bars. I limit prepared foods, but still find sugar creeping in. My exercise is yoga classes twice a week and an occasional third class. I work mostly from my home office and have stairs that i climb several times a day. However, I know that I need to up my exercise especially cardio. Time to set a new commitment to walking briskly on a daily basis. I am embarking on a new hobby and taking my video and photography interest to a new level. I hope that this new interest will get me out in the neighbourhood to combine exercise with my new creative pursuit.

    • Julie S

      Verena travels and to Patricia. I like the idea of a women’s collaborative!! I guess that’s what this kinda is. Hoping for better attitude as the weather warms up. I live in north central pa.

    • liedyMc

      @Verena travels What’s the saying you got me at Hello, you Verena got me at Passion Fruit Martini any Martini have you had a Chocolate on hmm to die for ..

    • liedyMc

      Patricia Muir yes Pat that would be a great one.

    • Patricia Muir

      Julie S Are you in Pennsylvania (pa)? I’m in S/W Ontario. It’s been a tough winter and definitely a mood changer. We have milder, but wet, weather past few days and we’ve lost about a third of our 6 ft snowbanks. Keep your chin up! We’re almost out of winter.

    • Patricia Muir

      Verena travels Lets do a collaboration. Your topic could be something linked to your travels. Mine could be confessions of working after sixty. @Julie S. Would you like to engage in an online interview with me? @LeidyMc. Would you like to collab with confessions of a condo-owner?

  • Kelley Sheley Anderson

    When I went through menopause in my forties I gained a lot of weight. Through the years I have lost all but 20 pounds of the weight gain. I too love the Mediterranean way of eating and looking at our diets. My goal for this year is to continue down my path of losing weight in a healthful way. For exercise I love to walk and do Leslie Sansone videos that are quite inspiring for me. I also like to keep my mind clear through meditation each morning to reset my daily attitude. I have just signed up for a gentle stretching class as well. Thank you lovely Margaret for this wonderful video.

  • Barbara Larson

    I am 62 and for the first time in decades am losing weight.  I eat the same foods, more or less, every day.  The rules are: I have to like what I am eating, I cannot fight all my demons at once (I will eat an entire container of Halo Top ice cream as a meal replacement if I want), I need to keep the protein high (lots of greek yogurt, for example), and keep things around 1400 calories.  I am like an alcoholic with sugar, so I do not keep cookies around (just the Halo Top).  I have lost 20 pounds in 20 weeks, have no more cravings, and now have the age and wisdom to use patience.

  • 396Rosemarie

    Hi Margaret,It raining here in NY, sitting with fireplace on and having coffee with all of you. I am what is called a yo yo dieter .I have been watching some of your older video on love myself,going to start there.Enjoy the day 🙋🏼‍♀️🐶🙏

  • Life Over Sixty With Sandra

    Margaret, When I went through menopause, I gained 30 extra pounds. I am a vegan, so I wasn’t indulging in over eating. I adjusted my diet to eliminate all ‘white foods’ – sugar, bread, potatoes, etc. Within two months I had lost the memo pounds. Since then I have continued to limit these substances from my diet, have added fish and continued regular exercise to my lifestyle. Everyone has different metabolism, but even eliminating sugar helps. Great topic. ❤️. Sandra

  • Gail Spear

    Every time you fancy something sweet. Put it on a plate. At the end of the day there may be five things on that plate. En choose one as a treat and put the others away x

    • liedyMc

      good idea Gail I may try that ..

    • Damali Jaye

      Amazing Gail this will be an idea I will try. My favorite plan is eat in moderation weekdays and treat myself on a meal like pancakes Sunday morning or a great dinner never both days in same weekend. The anticipation helps me to endure waiting until the weekend. Peace n Luv, Jean

  • lulucly

    I am struggling to regain motivation. I dont know how I lost it. Once my head is in it the rest falls in place…

  • Suzie Wratten

    Get on the scales very rarely, I know if I have gained or lost weight by my clothes. If they get tight I am careful what I eat for the next few weeks, if they get loose I know I can eat a few more treats. I have stayed the same weight for a few years now, I could do with losing a stone but It doesn’t bother me enough to go on a strict diet to lose it anymore. I love cakes and dark chocolate and don’t intend to give them up at my age, the rest of my daily food is pretty healthy 😁

    • SherlockianTrekkie

      Hi Mrs. Suzie, I agree with your comment, it made me smile about the ‘stone’. I unfortunately could do with losing a quite a few stones but I am doing it stone by stone as you put it. As we age, we can feel free to enjoy life a little precariously about certain things, so lets enjoy our chocolate .🍫 lol. I just have a few pieces of 72% or higher cacao about twice a week. Have a good Spring Mrs Suzie.

  • Carrie Lynn

    The sightseeing trip I took with my daughter and friends, New York City was the first stop and I absolutely fell in love with city and the people! Can’t wait to get back there!

  • liedyMc

    great video Margaret now that my leg has been fixed dancing around my house, I love to sing to all my favourite sixties music.

  • Older Women Rock . Fashion Over 50

    Margaret many of us live with chronic poor health . A lot of my moving forward for me is done from home and yes even bed . When I can do more I grab the opportunity and grateful that I’m out and about . Great idea multi mini walks 🙏

  • Nancy Giorlando

    I eat mostly plant based with a little fish. I eat very little sugar. I’ve been walking on the treadmill recently for 30 min daily. I plan to do more walking outside when the weather is warmer. I am at a good weight now. I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last year. Now I have to maintain it.

  • Margery Gething

    I gained extra pounds when I went through the menopause, this was a surprise because my weight had always been stable. I try to limit bread and sugars, these seem to be the problems for me. I am a vegetarian and love cheese, this I now cut back to once a week. So far so good, although I am not perfect🤣

  • Sue Kalnasy

    Hello Margaret! Greetings from this 61 year old in Houston, Tx. I’m originally from Seattle, though, and am so glad you know about Fran’s. I treat myself everytime I go back.🌞

  • Suzie Wratten

    Good morning Margaret. My lovely cards arrived today and I have put the ‘Start ageing gracefully’ at the top of my pile to remember to be grateful every day for something and to write it down. I love the bracelet too, I hope you don’t mind but I am going to send it to my daughter as she has been going through a bad time lately and hasn’t had much to smile about so it will remind her to smile every day 😁

  • cathy's almost 60

    I’m turning 57 in June I try and walk a couple of miles a day tried plant based but add in fish and some sweets I love frappe’s try and limit them been tryingvto lose weight but am stuck at 175 really need to be 149 thank you really enjoy this channel❤❤❤