Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Are you tired of looking for ways to cut calories in order to get to a healthy weight? Have you tried everything that you can think of to get fit again in your 60s? Then today’s video is for you!

So, in this morning’s video, I want to share a super simple technique that almost anyone can use to lose weight at any age. Don’t worry! I’m not promoting some magical pill or potion. I just want to share a few words of wisdom that may help you to reach your weight goals this year.

Are you trying to get to a healthier weight? What have you tried? Are you happy with your progress?

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  • Terri

    Do you have a television? Sometimes I think I’d like to toss mine. Of course now I have my iPhone I could resort to. : )

  • Barbara Von Eitzen

    I’m going to try this. What do I have to lose. 😊

  • Rosey C.

    Margaret: I LOVE how relevant your topics always are! We NEEDED someone to address all our issues, not just talk endlessly about how to “appear younger”, or try to turn back the clock. That is an effort in futility. Everything you discuss is regarding ALL the problems/issues we face at our age…there are many. I’m so glad it’s about fashion and beauty, BUT, not just that alone. Thank you so much for all you do for us; you are a blessing and so very soothing! 🙂 Rosemarie xo

  • Francine Byrd

    I am a Life Coach and I walk around my house when I am coaching on the plone🥰☮️🌻

  • Diane Greyson

    No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.

  • cindy j. Timelesstreasures77

    Interesting topic! I walk daily and go up and down stairs in my house even though I don’t have to! I do exercise regularly, practice yoga, and lift weights. I always carry the heavy bags in from the grocery store even though my husband offers to. Margaret, you look so lovely today!

  • Joarn Shand

    YOU look stunning. GREAT colour on you. Thanks for the sharing

  • Sally previde

    I garden and love it! I’m 70 and it is what keeps me active. I now have an organic vegetable garden and love eating the harvest!

  • nancyhorio

    Beautiful earrings!

  • Donna Norris

    What am I doing – sitting and knitting watching this video – and its good for me! Plus its relaxing and a rewarding hobby.

  • Candi Cane

    Awesome!!!!!! Got me thinking!!! Thanks for the great info

  • Karen Quick

    I’ve been doing lots of laundry and bedding the last several days and the W & D are down in the basement, and most all of our clean laundry has to go upstairs, and we have 3 floors, so lots of exercise for me. When I am sitting, I love to move my feet and toes around. Lots of fidgety flexing! Thanks for the tips!!

    • papermason

      Same here, we have four floors our w & d is in the basement. I’m also cleaning out our garage and finding things to do.

  • salzburgat

    Margaret, you look absolut gorgeous in red

  • sandra martinez

    I my job I do a lot of walking n moving for 5 hours so I hope I lose weight

  • Mark Runyon

    Nice video-I started eating,one meal a day,which has given me alot of energy!Now I exercise,lift weight”s and feel great!I”m 60 years old and this has changed my life.Cut the sugar and carbs,I”m never hungry and the old,”no pain,no gain is true.But once you get into it it”s really not a big deal.

  • lavrose

    This was such a “neat” reminder. I am going to be much more mindful about moving. Thank You.

  • Joy Ace

    I jointed the ymca to keep me from staying home and seating down and watch tv I needed to get out that’s what keeps me going I am 65 I was 146 went down to 130 and I love 💕 it I spend like 2 hours but I don’t go every day like every other… before I went and joined I was over weight and getting depressed and my cholesterol and high blood pressure is out of control but now I got good results the doctor called telling me that everything is looking good to keep doing what I’m doing 😊👌by the way I stopped all junk foods don’t go to restaurants and everything I eat I flush it down with water that’s the best thing to drink sometimes I put lemons and add strawberries 🍓 😊👌thank you for sharing your video 😊

  • Sojourner Shrink

    Great video. Basically, I make my life as hard as possible, stay moving, even if uncomfortable. Got manual PUSH lawn mower! Moving really is key to aging well🔑

  • Retire Certain

    I dropped 13 lbs without trying from cutting out grains and dairy to get rid of headaches, and it worked. Daily exercise for decades, too.

  • Sally Truman

    I am sooo disappointed to hear crunching a cookie is not NEAT😂