Tick Tock… Get to a Healthy Weight with Help from Your Inner-Clock!

We all know the basics of getting to a healthy weight at any age. Eat healthy food. Move more. Stay social. But, what if there was another factor that few of us even think about? What if our inner-clock was holding us back from getting healthy and managing our weight?

In this morning’s show, I want to talk about a fascinating theory – that *when we eat* may have as much of an impact on whether we can get to a healthy weight as *what we eat.* I hope that you will join me and will share your opinion on this. Your thoughts are important to me!

Do you agree or disagree that when you eat matters as much as what you eat? How are you staying healthy these days?

Read our article and join the conversation here: https://sixtyandme.com/your-circadian-clock-may-be-the-key-to-weight-loss-after-50/


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  • Patricia Carter

    This is an excellent video. I am 74. In the past 11 months, I have lost 86 pounds. I eat keto and use Intermittent Fasting (one meal a day). I have reversed Type 2 diabetes. I wish I had discovered this years ago!

    • By Grace

      How do you manage, I’m unable to fast it drives me crazy as all I can think of is food.😊

    • Patricia Carter

      @By Grace I find it very easy to fast. I started out by eating 3 keto meals a day with no snacking, then I started skipping breakfast and only eating 2 meals. Then I shrank the time between the two meals to a smaller eating window. And finally, I started eating only one meal a day at about 11am. This gives me a 23 hour fast each day. I do vary the time and sometimes eat more than one meal so that my body does not get too adjusted to the one meal. With keto (20-50 carbs, moderate protein and lots of fat–I just do not get hungry. I also lost all my carb cravings). Check out Dr. Eric Berg’s videos on youtube.

  • crazy lady

    My youngest son in his 30s can only sleep with a light on. I’ve always wondered if this wasn’t because he was a preemie in the hospital for over a month?? Being a child, I never left a light on for him.
    I myself must have total darkness, and the moon’s cycles really effect my sleep.
    As, far as diet, I so far have found none that work for me, so will, rethink all this.

    • Sixty and Me

      I cannot sleep with doors shut and always leave a very dim light on. So I totally understand your sons preferences 🙂

    • Rosey C.

      I need darkness, quiet and to curl up in fetal mode on left side with my right ear covered by blanket. Weird! 😀

  • Marci JLo Vallun

    Margaret like Patricia I love this video, weight loss has been good for me this year. I also follow the keto lifestyle and fast everyday, sometimes up to 20 hours, it makes me feel so good. I only eat one meal a day and my body has healed itself from aches and pains and high blood pressure. I feel great about fasting and combine it with meditation every morning as well as yoga!

    • By Grace

      How do you manage to fast? I cannot do it. 🌿🌸

    • Marci JLo Vallun

      By Grace ……Grace if you count the hours that you sleep which for me is 6 hours and I don’t eat 3 hours before my bedtime, the rest I fast! It’s such a good feeling and my weight has dropped off! I weighed 97kilos in March this year, I am down to 65 kilos ( sorry I don’t know what it’s in pounds) How I do it?………I just do it, if you understand the science of what food does to our bodies, you will do it! We don’t need three meals a day! Much love🌹

  • Susan Benes Pacheco

    Your earrings today would be great on Valentine’s Day!

  • Nature's Friend

    I try not eating at night. How do you handle hunger pangs when going to bed? Thank you

  • Michelle Guevremont

    I make my own Kombucha and I see a big difference when I skip for a few days.

  • Rosey C.

    Margaret, I have fought this battle since I turned 50! I have had to finally accept that my body cannot burn off calories as it once did and cut way back on sugar. I have a big sweet tooth and am an “emotional eater”. Turning to sweets was not the answer; rather, it made things worse. (Besides the natural sagging of gravity!). It’s great whatever works for anyone, but, this trend of blocking entire food groups is what I don’t get. Not having all the answers, I give kudos to those who have found something that works. Now, I’m simply trying to weed out the refined carbs & sugars and exercise daily. Thank you for yet another very relevant topic. Be well! Rosemarie 🙂 xo

  • Rosey C.

    Actually, I’m pretty tired of absolutely EVERYTHING having to be either keto, or vegan/plant based. 🙁

  • Kitty Kat Kat

    I practice intermittent fasting, and have done so for the past 4 months or so. It took about 21 days to get used to this new cycle. I eat 3 meals a day and try to choose healthy foods, (rarely red meat, maybe 2x a month) but treat myself at least once a day to a small sweet, earlier in the afternoon.
    My intention is to be finished with my evening meal by 6pm and then depending on how I feel in the morning, I can eat at 6am or later. Usually though, I am not having my morning tea followed by my morning meal until about 8 am. I find that I’m not that interested in food until about 13-14 hrs between my last meal of the evening and breakfast the following day.
    For me, I found that the stubborn belly fat was soon slowly dissolving and I added the yoga and walking as a daily practice. Those 3 things in combination have done wonders for my outlook, reduce stress and keep me more balanced as a general rule. (Not to say I don’t have my moments I’m not proud of 🤪)

    I can definitely recommend starting the intermittent fasting, no need to get crazy with it at all. See how it works for you, and be patient with yourself.

  • Ann Ramsey

    This sounds good & interesting to me. But I am on thyroid meds & I take that upon arising at 7 & then I have to wait 4 hours to eat breakfast & take a multi & some phytoestrogen. So I ate some bacon at 11 am & a hamburger patty at 7. I have lost 20 pounds by eliminating all starch from my diet for inflammation the weight loss was a side effect of that dietary change. Thanks for all your wonderful research & sharing.

    • Suzanne Rodriguez

      Ann Ramsey my doctor said for me to only wait one hour after thyroid meds to eat food. So you might want to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Lynn Ehrmantraut

    I never thought of it as intermittent fasting – I never eat past 7pm and nothing but coffee before 8-9am. It does seem to work, reduced carbs dramatically and upped protein – along with 3-4 miles walking a day works best!