Waiting for Weight Loss After 60? 5 Sneaky Tips to Get Your Body Back

Waiting for Weight Loss After 60? 5 Sneaky Tips to Get Your Body Back

At our age, weight loss isn’t about impressing other people. It is about reclaiming the energy, flexibility, and confidence that we need to explore this amazing world. It is about being healthy and happy for as long as possible!

So, in this morning’s video, I want to offer 5 secret tips for getting your body back. None of these are gimmicks… and none of them require you to start an exotic diet. They are just insider secrets for getting to the weight that you deserve.

What healthy lifestyle changes have you made recently? Would you like to lose a little weight this year?

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    Good Morning!

  • Sixty and Me

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  • Maria B

    Yes, I agree completely! Portion control is hard for me. Though, I have problems with my colon exactly like my father. I really can’t eat certain food. My go to is chicken and rice with a nice salad. Or steak and stir fry veggies. I am trying.

  • Pat Cyzauskas

    Some of us need to weigh ourselves everyday to see if we r retaining water. I can retain 4-5 pounds water in one day so have to increase my diuretic to prevent congestive heart failure and stay out of the hospital. So if advised by medical people to weigh daily you really should and report 3+ pounds to your MD.

  • Marlene Bragelman

    There is intermittant fasting. I am trying this to help me control addiction to food. Once I start eating, I have a problem trying to quit. Working out and exercise daily is good. It helps me to feel good about myself.

  • Susan Benes Pacheco

    We lose muscle as we age actually starting in our 30’s. This slows metabolism. I focus more on building muscles with weight training, and this replaces the creeping in of fat. It’s not the scale number with which to be concerned. It’s the way clothes fit. Tight, toned muscles are small even if you weight more because muscles are heavier than fat.

  • GeminieCricket

    No, oatmeal cookies with raisins and nuts have lots of nutrients where an apple is SUGAR.

  • Barbara S

    For me, stopping drinking alcohol helped me drop nearly 20 lbs. in a year! It wasn’t just alcohol alone that was causing the weight gain but the chippies and candies that I ate with it! Alcohol is made from sugar so my cravings were out of control. Now, my palette has changed, my weight is down and staying down and I keep the extra cash in my pocket.

  • Paris M

    For me the devil is sugar and carbohydrate. If I go on a low carb diet I will start losing weight really fast. Also I started to do intermitent fasting 16 – 8 hr. Which is perfect and I am losing weight. It is 16 hours fasting with an 8 hours window for eating.

    • E G

      If one’s has high cholesterol, being on a keto diet with high fat. Is that effective?

    • Paris M

      @E G , Please check Dr. Eric Berg videos on this topic. He explains very well about healthy keto diet and intermitent fasting, low carb, moderate protein and high fat…Also he talks about cholesterol, sugar and everything. Good luck 😀

  • J K

    Keto… very low carbs & sugar along with intermittent fasting is working great for me! It’s also reversing my insulin resistance. Check out Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry on YouTube. They are awesome! I’m down almost 30 pounds with 70 ish to go!

  • Patricia Egan

    Thanks for the reminders, especially the stress angle

  • Marjie Cleveland

    Good tips! Thanks!

  • Gail Spear

    Those colours really suite you. The block colours are so Young looking compared to the floral look you look so bouncy today x

  • Sharon Woryn

    Weight Watchers has been sharing these tips for over 60 years. I lost 72 lbs. and I have kept it off for nearly 50 years. Intermittent fasting is great and working out (aerobics and strength training) will keep the weight off no matter your age. Work out is always the first item each day in my planner.

  • Karen Fantastic

    I don’t have the problem anymore of gaining weight when I you reached 60. The weight started to come off and now I can eat anything and don’t gain any lbs.. So I eat as much and all my favourite foods. It’s just kind of weird so I check with my doctor and was told everything is OK. I have no high blood pressure or diabetes, but my AIC needs to come down.

  • Celia Mitchell

    I love your no nonsense to the point videos and I’m loving that flower arrangement on the shelf.
    Very pretty.

  • moon glow

    In my later years, I have become overweight (I am a sweet eater!).Now I have heel spurs; So my podiatrist recommended Easy Spirit footwear ‼️ edit: he also suggested I lose some weight, because that’s a big part of the problem.

  • Manjit Dhamrait

    Amazing thanks

  • J Hixon

    For many women, the thyroid slows down after menopause. This causes the metabolism to slow down…which can cause weight gain. Before going on a diet, see your doctor for a comprehensive thyroid check. Also, loss of lean muscle tissue slows down the metabolism. Rebuilding lean muscle tissue through various kinds of exercise will help fire up the metabolism.